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New comma CMMS website live!

You are invited to visit the new website of our maintenance management product, comma CMMS. We have redesigned it so that, hopefully, it is a lot more clean than the previous and includes only the information that most users are looking for. We have also implemented the new support website (accessible from the main product site from the “support” link on the top menu), built as a knowledge repository that will undoubtedly grow with time.

We hope you all like it!

comma CMMS

Parafernalia Ltd., makers of comma CMMS – other projects

comma CMMS is a product developed by Parafernalia, Ltd. a software development company based in Macau SAR, China. Besides comma CMMS, Parafernalia, Ltd is also developing a new time management tool that utilizes brand new and revolutionary personal time manager concepts to allow users to manage their personal time more efficiently. This new software is in pre-alpha release stage, where we work with the people behind the time management philosophy to specify what the software should do and how it should do it.

More news are coming at the beginning of 2015 with the launch of the time manager website.

Keep posted. We believe this time manager application has the ability to revolutionize the way people manage their personal/ professional time!

Maintenance Related News

comma CMMS Release Cycles

render of a three step lifecycle flow chart (Software Release Cycle)

comma CMMS is constantly being updated, with bugs being fixed and new features being added. Up until August 2014, we had a release frequency of about once every 2 weeks. As the code got a little more complex and the vast majority of basic functionality had been implemented, we moved on to an average release cycle of about once every 2 months. What does this new slower release frequency mean to the end users?

  • A larger number of changes are implemented in one go (good, because more changes usually¬† translate into more power, but bad because, even though we try very hard, there are more chances of something going wrong, specially when manipulating old data on a newer system).
  • Non-security related bugs or bugs that do not fundamentally affect the usability of the program will take longer to be fixed (users should read our forums as we usually post information about these bugs and any eventual workaround in there).
  • New features will take longer to be implemented.

We will usually send out a newsletter after every release that includes links to all recently added features and bugs that were fixed plus a link to the screenshots gallery in case there are new screens.

comma CMMS

comma CMMS origins

Did you know that comma CMMS, the popular web-based Computerized Maintenance Management System, started as a small open-source project called maintenancedb? In fact, you can still download and use the last version of maintenancedb from

maintenancedb requires a fair amount of php/ mysql knowledge. Additionally, consider the potential security risks you may have if you plan to install it on a server on the internet as most of the input fields do not test the user input in order to prevent malicious code injection.

If you are a developer, feel free to contribute for the code – although comma CMMS doesn’t support this code any longer, we will do all we can to assist.

If you have questions about maintenancedb or comma CMMS, please contact us any time.